About Us


We’ve just opened the  tiniest phone repair shop. Since mobile technology made these landmarks obsolete, we thought we’d give back by offering speedy, high quality and hassle-free repairs for your iPhone, Galaxy's & Computers in Jackson Heights, NY.

The idea to use a small space as mobile repair shops seemed obvious since we can perform repairs in the smallest spaces. Finding skinny-enough repairers to fit inside them may be our biggest challenge now.

You can come and charge your phone for free, get it repaired within 30 minutes or just drop by to say hi! CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION.



Our technicians’ expert hands lovingly restore your iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other devices to their former glory without you having to lift a finger. We strive for quickness and efficiency while delivering the best possible results, so most repairs can be done while you wait. We do repairs for customers all over the City.

How We Can Make You Happy

Whether you’re in-shop, across town, or across the country, we’ll have your device repaired and returned to you before your “phantom phone vibrations” subside. But our services don’t stop with your device safely in hand. Any tablet or smartphone we work on is covered by  30 days Warranty performance warranty for your peace of mind. We stand by our work.